Crisis in Ukraine: Macron and Putin agree to a ceasefire in the east of the country.

Here is the latest news from this Sunday regarding the conflict in Ukraine:

9:50 pm – Russian ambassador to Washington denies any invasion of Ukraine

The Russian ambassador to Washington denied any involvement in the occupation of Ukraine on CBS on Sunday. “It has no invasion or any plans.” Russia wants to continue diplomatic efforts to resolve the current problems, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova told CBS that her country “works day and night to prevent an invasion of Russia.” However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia.

7:15 pm – Sophie Wilmes talks about the crisis

If desired, (Ukraine, Editor’s note) we have before us a Russia that is ready to invade.“Corn”Diplomacy must prevail in our relations with Russia“Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes told a news conference on Sunday evening.”Diplomatic channels are back on track and there is a shared option“Use them”Need to act quickly towards a ceasefire“, The minister added. More details in our article.

4:45 pm – French and Russian foreign ministers talk to each other on Monday

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday that Russian and French diplomatic leaders Sergei Lavrov and Jean-Yves Le Trian would discuss the escalating tensions around Ukraine over the phone on Monday. “Sergei Lavrov was ready for a phone conversation with his French counterpart today, but Le Trian was unable to. Accordingly, he is scheduled to be contacted by phone on MondayRussian embassy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

4:35 pm – Putin reiterates to Macron his intention to withdraw his troops from Belarus (according to Elysee Communications)

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3:50 pm – Macron and Putin agree to reach a ceasefire

The Elysee Palace announced on Sunday that French Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed to do everything possible to achieve a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine as soon as possible. Both leaders agreed during their phone conversation.We must support the diplomatic solution to the current crisis and do everything possible to achieve it“French President announces Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov”In the next few days“.

3:45 pm – US President says he is ready to meet with Vladimir Putin

US President Joe Biden is ready.Meet“His Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin”At any time, to help avoid war, regardless of any form“In Ukraine, its diplomatic leader, Anthony Blinken, told CBS on Sunday that the foreign secretary had reaffirmed to CNN that a diplomatic path was still possible.”And the planes in the sky as long as the tanks are actually in motion“.

3:35 pm – Putin responds to an interview with Emmanuel Macron

Russian President Vladimir Putin questioned Emmanuel Macron on Sunday.Trigger“Ukrainians are intensifying their fight against separatists in eastern Ukraine, while they want to.”Intensify“Diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict. According to the Kremlin, Mr. Putin asked NATO and the United States during this telephone conversation with his French envoy.”Take care“Russia’s security demands at the center of the current crisis between Moscow and the West.

3:15 pm – Ukrainian president calls for “immediate ceasefire”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Sunday called for the resumption of talks with Russia under the OSCE and the establishment of an “organization.”Stop the fire immediately“In the East, after a phone interview with Emmanuel Macron.”We urgently convene a meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Committee (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE) and demand an immediate ceasefire.“, Mr. Zelensky said on Twitter.

11:47 a.m .: Macron talks to Putin

As expected, French Presidents Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by phone at 1h45 this Sunday morning, according to the Elysee Palace. Purpose stated: to avoid a major war in Europe, at a time when Westerners fear more than ever about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Elysee declared. Following this call, Emmanuel Macron summoned the President of Ukraine. More details in our article.

11:30 am: Belarus announces that Russian troops are relying on maneuvers

Belarus announces joint military exercises with Russia on its border, which is due to end on Sunday, as tensions in neighboring Ukraine escalate.

10:26 am: Westerners cannot extend the “olive branch” to Russia indefinitely

European Council President Charles Michel said on Sunday that Westerners could not extend the “olive branch” indefinitely because of rising tensions on Russia’s border with Ukraine. “The big question is: does the Kremlin want a conversation?” At the Munich Security Conference Mr. Michael asked.

10:21 am: Johnson says Russia plans ‘biggest war in Europe since 1945’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that Russia was preparing for “the biggest war in Europe since 1945” amid fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. “All indications are that the project has already begun somehow,” the British leader said in an interview with the BBC.

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10 a.m .: Macron-Putin last chance interview

French President Emmanuel Macron a Last chance interview Tried to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine with Vladimir Putin. The interview, scheduled for 10:00 GMT, is being maintained as Kiev now calls on its Western allies to suspend all “peace” policies on Moscow, accusing Washington and Kiev of amassing 150,000 troops on the eastern Ukrainian border.

9:54 a.m .: Ukraine closes checkpoint leading to the secluded Donbass region

The Ukrainian military announced on Sunday that it had closed one of seven checkpoints leading to the Donbass Basin, which has been plagued by pro-Russian independence options in eastern Ukraine. According to the military, the safety of civilians wishing to cross the checkpoint cannot be guaranteed.

8:25 a.m .: The Red Cross says it is “very concerned” about the fate of civilians.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has expressed concern over the fate of civilians in Ukraine, which has seen a spate of shootings between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Two drinking water stations supplying more than a million people were broken following the clash.

2:34 am: Russia can attack Ukraine “at any time”, again Washington

The White House reiterated on Saturday that Russia could attack Ukraine “at any time.” US President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend a rare meeting of the National Security Council on the Ukraine crisis on Sunday.

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