A firefighter was violently attacked while interfering with a fire during a demonstration in Paris (video)

The woman was arrested and the firefighter was not injured, Interior Minister Gerald Dorman said during a news conference in the evening.

According to television footage widely circulated on social media, the firefighter was holding his water pipe in the direction of the fire when he was attacked twice by a protester, Alexandre-Dumas, who tried to stop him from putting out the fire. His hand on his helmet.

Firefighters tweeted, “That’s enough! I’m ashamed of the barbarism. This new occupation is incomprehensible to Paris firefighters.

“The head of state strongly condemns the slanderous attack on rePrempolice’s omPompiersParis’ who intervened in the fire at the corner of Ru Alexandre-Dumas & Boulevard Voltaire”, the provincial council of the police reacted to its role.

“One of our military colleagues from omPompiersParis was attacked by a protester and stopped the rescue squad that was engaged in extinguishing the fire to protect residents and property. May he be found and punished,” said Gregory Allion, president of the French National Fire Association.

The Parisian demonstration on May 1 was marred by clashes between thugs and police, vandalism of street furniture, burning of rubbish bins and the looting of dozens of bank identities, real estate companies and insurance companies.

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