War in Ukraine: Grief and anger in Russia after dozens of soldiers die in Makhivka

Flowers and prayers: Tribute rallies were held in Russia on Tuesday Dozens of soldiers killed in strike in eastern Ukraine

Unusually in Russia, officials remained tight-lipped about military casualties in Ukraine, with about 200 people attending an authorized rally in Samara, where some of the soldiers killed were killed.

Residents placed roses or wreaths in front of the eternal flame in one of the city’s main squares before bowing respectfully or making the sign of the cross.

An Orthodox priest recited a prayer, and then the soldiers fired their guns into the air and saluted. According to local media, rallies were held in other cities in the region, including Togliatti and Cizran.

In a rare affidavit, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that 63 soldiers were killed in a New Year’s Eve Ukrainian attack on a building where they were staying in the Russian-occupied town of Makiivka in the Donetsk region. connection kyiv is pushing a very high balance sheet.

The losses caused shock in Russia, as well as an avalanche of criticism from nationalist commentators, who nevertheless supported military intervention.

The fact that the slain soldiers were mobilized security forces added to the sentiment.

I haven’t slept in three days“, said Samara Ekaterina Kolodovkina, the wife of a Russian general and head of the association close to the military, at the ceremony in the Women’s Council of the 2nd Combined Guards.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the missiles were fired from HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, a weapon supplied to Ukrainian forces by the United States.

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Makhivka’s massacre has sparked new heights of outrage and calls for those responsible to be punished.

Many voices were raised against the fact that ammunition was stored in the same building where soldiers were authorized to use their mobile phones to allow geolocation by Ukrainian gunmen.

What decisions will be made? Who will be punished?“, began Mikhail Matveev, the elected Communist deputy in Samara.

Many pro-war commentators, widely followed on social networks, denied the death toll of 63, which they said was an underestimate.

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