“I thought it was a joke…”

Laura Clark, who lives in West Lancashire, England, talks about Ryanair. And not a little! Let’s say he lost more than 1,000 euros on the low-cost airline. Or almost. In fact, she, her sister and a friend had to travel with Ryanair from Manchester to Bordeaux to celebrate a birthday. But a few days before their departure, they learned that their flight had been canceled due to a strike by air traffic controllers in France. “But we’ve already spent over €500 on the hotel and over €250 on an activity on site, so we don’t want to lose them,” he explained to The Sun.


In an emergency, Chloe and her friends had to find another flight with an Irish company. But while their previous flight cost around 300 euros, this one cost nearly 1,000 euros. Not to mention that the departure airport was different and so they had to spend the night in a nearby hotel. In short, a lot of money wasted!

After making her second reservation, Kloss was surprised to find out via email that her first flight was finally… maintained: “I thought it was a joke, so I called them… and the woman on the phone confirmed. I thought it would work out fine. Finally, Chloe confirmed that her first flight was indeed cancelled, and that all the panic was not for nothing. If she had finally arrived in Bordeaux, Chloe would have done well without all this stress… and kept her money well.

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A Ryanair spokesman confirmed to The Sun that the original flight scheduled for March 31 between Manchester and Bordeaux had been canceled due to a strike by air traffic controllers in France. “Affected passengers were notified on March 28 and given their options,” he added, admitting that an email indicating the flight would actually take place was mistakenly sent on March 30. “That was quickly fixed.”

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