Turkey’s presidential election: Erdogan officially declared winner, opponent Kilicadaroglu expresses his “sadness” for country’s future

“Our nation has entrusted us with the responsibility of governing the country for the next five years,” he said, after an election that forced him into a second round for the first time. A few hours later, the Election Commission officially declared him the winner of this presidential election.

Defeated Turkish opposition leader Kemal Kilidaroglu expressed his “sadness” for Turkey’s future on Sunday evening. Speaking from his party’s headquarters in Ankara after President Erdogan’s victory, the failed candidate and leader of Turkey’s main opposition party said “I am deeply saddened by the difficulties the country is facing”.

The head of state won 52.1% of the vote against 47.9% for his 74-year-old social-democratic rival, Kemal Klisadaroglu, according to results published by the official Anadolu Agency, covering 98% of the vote. He promised an alternative and “peaceful democracy”.

Spontaneous rallies sprung up everywhere in the cities where the “rais” had won, especially in central Anatolia.

A segment of the electorate’s desire for change and transparency has not weighed on the hyperinflation that undermines Turkey, restrictions on freedoms, and the hyper-supremacy of a power that has sent tens of thousands of its opponents to jail or exile. Against the desire for security and stability already expressed in the first round of voting.

Eleven provinces in the south of the country were not even affected by the devastating earthquake in February (which killed at least 50,000 and displaced 3 million), which largely revived the head of state.

In Brussels, Erdogan’s supporters celebrate his re-election (VIDEO)

President Erdoğan’s party, the Islamic-conservative AKP, built on his rise to supreme power, losing seats in parliament but retaining a majority with its allies.

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Kemal Klişateroğlu, for his part, suffered yet another defeat, despite a campaign that promised “spring will return” in a view against the president’s views.

Considered by many, including the opposition, a lackluster candidate who lacks charisma, Mr. Klişateroğlu ended his speech with a “Democracy Day” pose, thrusting hearts with his fingers during his meetings. , a “democratic grandfather”.

But unable to force the economy or the crisis into the election debate, he is preparing to “go back and take care of his grandchildren,” as he promised.

“He is the right person; I expect Erdogan to continue to bring good things to the country, first to change the economy,” said 17-year-old Nisa Çivaslioğlu as the new winner rushed to the grand presidential palace in Ankara. Expected overnight.

A weary-faced, slow-moving Recep Tayyip Erdogan cast his vote in the afternoon in Istanbul’s Uskudar district: where a cheering crowd awaited him, bodyguards presented him with toys, and the president handed out some banknotes to children.

Almost simultaneously, despite unfavorable forecasts, Kemal Kılıçateroğlu voted in Ankara, encouraging his fellow citizens to vote “to get rid of an authoritarian government”.

The Erdoğan camp has consistently described the opposition led by Kılıcedaroğlu as “terrorist” because it was supported by leaders of the pro-Kurdish party HDP.

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