“Makes you wonder if he really realizes how rich he is”

In 2012, Adrian Bayford’s life changed completely. That year, Britain won 148 million pounds, or 187 million euros, in the EuroMillions. Ever since he won this astronomical sum, the man really hasn’t stopped talking about him. Be it positive or negative.

The most important event was the purchase of his house, a luxurious (and gigantic!) residence in the English countryside. A takeover followed a week after he won for a paltry £1.35 million. This wasn’t enough for him, and in the process, he paid £1.1 million for a second home. “The latter has four bedrooms with bathrooms, a gym and an internal lift. A real mansion is ideal for ‘those who love the outdoors,'” explained the British media at the time.

Real estate madness that hasn’t stopped in years. This time, Adrien has decided to move a cottage located in the garden of this famous mansion. A converted three-bedroom holiday home, it is being rented out on AirBnb for €125 a night. A surprising result when you know that he can win the same amount of money in his bank account in a matter of minutes. “He could make £5,000 from his savings account in just ten hours,” an economist told The Sun.

A new adventure for Adrian surprises his friends. “Makes you wonder if he really realizes how rich he is,” says one of them. “But Adrian is a very kind, generous and welcoming guy. Then, strangers don’t need to see him. »

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