I refused to switch beds with my plus size friend on the trip

Written by Nova M. Bagamonte for Dailymail.Com

19:40 04 May 2024, updated 20:55 04 May 2024

  • The woman in her 30s, from the US, also took part in the ‘Am I The A**hole’ thread on Reddit
  • She explained how the quarrel began over the allocation of rooms
  • Readers were bitterly divided in the comments about who was at fault

A WOMAN has revealed how she refused to swap beds with her plus-size friend on holiday – but is now being branded ‘unreasonable’.

The woman, in her 30s, from the US, also took to Reddit’s popular ‘Am I The A**hole’ thread to reveal details of the row.

She explained how the fight started over the room allocation, which left her friend crying.

But readers were bitterly divided in the comments over who was really at fault.

The woman, in her 30s, from the US, also took part in the popular ‘Am I The A**hole’ thread on Reddit to reveal details of the row.

The post, which was shared earlier this week, began with the unnamed holidaymaker revealing she was on holiday with four of her friends, all women in their 30s and 40s.

She explained: “We go every year and we always use a randomization tool to help us choose who gets the bedroom. The tool sets the order in which we can choose. I got third choice and my plus-size friend Mary got fifth choice.

‘The top three of us all chose king-sized beds. The other two got separate beds and had to share a room. Yes, it sucks, but that’s why we leave it to chance so no one can complain.

“Mary asked me privately if we could switch places so she could have a queen-sized bed,” the angry woman continued. It is plus sized but in my opinion not too big to fit in a double bed.

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“I personally lost over 100 pounds, and at my biggest it was bigger than Mary is now. I never asked to switch beds when I was growing up.

So I said no. She started crying and told me I was being irrational, and that I of all people should understand.

“I understand that, but it’s also my vacation and I’ve worked hard to be in a body that I feel comfortable in. I don’t feel like I have to give up my place to accommodate her, while she can still fit in.” Twin bed.”

The original poster later edited her post to add more context.

The Reddit post was filled with comments with readers left bitterly divided on the matter. On the one hand, there were many who described it as a “hole.”

“We had agreed beforehand that the two people who got the twin beds would pay $75 less than the rest of us,” she explained. “Getting a place with five rooms and five queen beds is very expensive.”

“She has no mobility issues or other disabilities that I know of.”

She never explicitly offered me the $75, but I honestly can’t imagine she didn’t have that in mind when I asked to switch. She’s not the monster many of you assume she is.

After widespread uproar in the comments, the woman continued: ‘Several people suggested it might be to do with discomfort about sharing a room, rather than getting out of bed.

“That would make way more sense to me.” When I was growing up, I used to snore and would feel completely embarrassed when I had to sleep in a room with someone.

“Many have also suggested that I lack empathy. It’s true, I don’t feel empathy. It’s a long-term issue with my mental health, which is why I often post on this account asking for help.”

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“I don’t want to be an advertisement, so I rely on honest people to contact me. So I appreciate that, even though a lot of people who said those things were downvoted.

But, on the other hand, some readers felt that the woman was not actually at fault

The Reddit post was filled with comments with readers left bitterly divided on the matter.

On the one hand, there were many who described it as a “hole.”

One person wrote: “Great shot. YTA. It’s embarrassing, coming at you from a vulnerable place, and your response was, ‘Bad luck fat, you have to work as hard as me to be in a body you’re comfortable with.’

“People make a lot of drama about their rooms while on holiday – it’s about the memories you build with the people you travel with, not about the time you spend alone in your bedroom.

‘This isn’t really a question about being an AH. It is a question about values. What do you value more – your friendship with this person, or sleeping in a double bed for a few nights?

Another person wrote: “YTA. Random selection of rooms is a terrible idea. You should have known that at some point someone was bound to have issues with the bed they received.”

How difficult is it to make sure everyone has comfortable accommodations, even if it means paying more?

“Also, many twin-size bed frames have a weight limit of 250 pounds, which means it’s not that a plus-size person doesn’t want to sleep on a twin-size bed, but rather that their weight exceeds the weight limit. Bed Frame.

She explained how the quarrel began over the allocation of the room, which left her friend in tears (stock photo)

Maybe Mary was afraid of breaking the bed, or taking off her clothes in front of someone else, which is why she approached you and asked to change.

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“As someone who was heavier, I thought you would understand her fear. Instead, you nullified her fear.

Another added: “Yes, for no other reason than you had to mention weight loss in your story, which to me means you now clearly have no sympathy for someone struggling with their weight, and you are supposed to be her friend.”

A fourth person commented: “YTA for your arrogant and superior attitude about your weight loss. YTA for looking down on your friend. I don’t care much about family – you should get rid of it so you can find some real friends.”

But on the other hand, some said she wasn’t wrong.

One person wrote: “NTA. This is the agreed upon method of identifying a family. If she doesn’t like the results, she shouldn’t agree to the setup. There is also absolutely no reason for her to ask for larger than twins.”

Another person commented: “NTA.” You all have a specific order to choose the rooms. If she had a problem with that, she should have said something beforehand. Expecting you to give up your room is unreasonable.

A third person added: “Assuming the randomizer is truly random, and assuming the five of you agree to commit to this process, NTA.”

Another wrote: “NTA, she agreed to this plan. When it didn’t work out to her preference, she asked if you wanted to switch. It’s reasonable to ask her if she’d respect your response, which she’s not.”

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