“Tsar drunk by his own power”, “Weak West” …: Shocking newspapers after the Russian invasion

In Le Soir, Béatrice Delvaux evokes this fear. “We, in this mess? How can we not be paralyzed by fear and drowning in helplessness?”

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ESome French-speaking Belgian editorials point out that in the face of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine and caused legitimate fear in Europe, “there really is no weight” in the West. Citizens, pay attention to others.

“We see a jar of retaliation that seeks to rebuild its empire in the wake of a powerless, nationalist campaign that seeks to go back in time. Dorian de Meuse mentions. But “sanctions and international sanctions will not stop Putin,” he continued.

Demetrio Scagliola, of Sudinfo, notes that “rational and structured arguments are less likely to hit the mark when confronted with this jar that is drunk on its own power.” “Putin is not worried about the economic and political sanctions announced by the West, in fact,” he added.

“The West in general and Europe in particular no longer really measure their cautious, subtle, patient postures,” laments Paul Gerrard, editor-in-chief of L’Echo. “How obsolete, naive and useless is this geopolitical software created after the end of the Cold War.”

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According to him, Europe “must accept its responsibilities, organize itself, equip itself and stop believing in luck or others.” “This is the end of innocent times. Democracy can be defended,” he advises.

In the L’Avenir, Clement Boileau adds, “For Westerners, emotions are paramount. Thoughts of something floating, in one corner of the head, flying away from civilization in a hurry.Most European citizens know nothing but peace, but many of us remember the horrors of the two world wars that the continent experienced in the 20th century.

This fear “is not a paradox of re-emergence in the face of the imperialist ambiguity planned by Vladimir Putin: it is a survival reflex, on which humans have little control.”

In Le Soir, Béatrice Delvaux also provokes this fear. “We, in this mess? How can we not be paralyzed by fear and drowning in helplessness?”

He also points out the enormous responsibility placed on state leaders and senior leaders. “But they have no choice: they can not allow Putin to force change and dictate the future of the world order, which will be dominated by the” official “camp.

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These leaders “will continue to do what they can to calm things down, without losing face. But citizens should, as always, count their euros, ”shouts Thibaut van Hoof, on the other hand, in La Ternier Heur. “However, no military action has been taken to realize that Russia has significant control over our portfolio, not through gas.”

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