New Zealand celebrates the arrival of 2024 twelve hours ahead of us: Belgians ring in the New Year in shorts and T-shirts on site

Belgium is getting ready, you are also getting ready for the new year, but due to the game of time zones, some are already in 2024. Fireworks went off at noon Belgian time in New Zealand. Among the lucky ones who put their feet in the sand in t-shirts and wished each other a Happy New Year in front of everyone were expats from Belgium.

In New Zealand, residents are already in 2024! The traditional countdown and fireworks brought the Auckland skies to life. They are the first to usher in the New Year, and Belgians living abroad celebrate the New Year in shirts and T-shirts.

Normally, I would have picked up my phone and sent everyone my wishes, but I had to tell myself that it was still only midday in Belgium, so it was a little weird.“, explains a foreigner.”It's special to wait until midday on January 1st to send a message to us in New Zealand“.

New Zealand will be closely followed by Australia. A world tour of festivals ending in Polynesia. When these Pacific islands reach their ninth year, tomorrow will be noon.

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