This beautiful little Scottish island is for sale for under €200,000

Barlock Island is more precisely located in the south of Scotland, in Fleet Bay. Its features? It is described as “small” at 97,000 square meters and can only be reached by boat. But if this island interests us, it is for sale for “only” 170,000€.

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A unique location that attracts many buyers

Its starting price is set at €170,000 or £150,000. It must be said that it is a dream and attractive place for buyers, especially those who work from home, or those who follow the Drakens, who seek peace and greenery during their working hours. Barloco Island has the advantage of being surrounded by nature, in a quiet and peaceful environment, without any neighbors.

More than 50 people will be interested in this unusual purchase. Potential buyers come from Italy, Germany, USA, but also Norway. Aaron Edgar, head of sales at the Galbraith Agency, told the BBC why buying Barlocco Island is so appealing. “There is something romantic about the idea of ​​owning a private island in Scotland. Being able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy great tranquility with exceptional views in beautiful surroundings.”

Constraints to consider

Living on Barloco Island means choosing to settle in the heart of the place without the houses, buildings and other structures around you. If you’re looking to meet new people and expand your social circle, this might not be the place for you…. If you’re a homebody, why not bring an offer?

Barloco offers island owned island properties. It is home to rare animal species and plants such as perennial flax, sea lavender, or even the fragrant orchid that man discovers when the tide is low. Note that this area is classified in the register of “Sites of Important Scientific Interest”, which prevents the construction of buildings, roads, houses, making it completely desert and uninhabited. You will be the only one on this island with its unique charm. But who hasn’t dreamed of living on a desert island?

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