Energy: The EU refuses to pay for gas in rubles and prepares to break with Moscow

Finalizing the oil ban

The ministers also exchanged views on the gradual halt to the purchase of Russian oil and petroleum products planned by the European Union in order to dry up European funds for the Kremlin-led war in Ukraine. But no decision has been made.

The new set of obstacles is in process, but that is not the point of the meeting“, Said Barbara Pompey.

We are working on a new set of obstacles“, Commissioner Simpson confirmed.

The college meeting (all commissioners, faculty note) will be held in Strasbourg on Tuesday“According to the Parliamentary Session,”And President Ursula von der Leyen will clarify what the decision was“, She pointed out.

I hope the Commission will propose a sixth set of sanctions

Proposal “Will be finalized and approved by the Commission on Tuesday“The AFP is a European source,” said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

I hope that tomorrow (Tuesday) the Commission will propose the 6th embargo, including the withdrawal of Russian oil.German Chancellor Robert Hebeck said.

The proposal will be submitted to member states for adoption on Wednesday. “Not sure if that will be possible by the weekend“However, the German minister pointed out.

27 If the move is approved, the purchase of oil and petroleum products from Russia will be phased out for more than six to eight months, but with immediate effect, especially for tankers, a European official said.

The European Union has already imposed a ban on Russian coal and closed its ports to Russian ships, except for those carrying hydrocarbons.

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The major importers of fossil fuels from Russia (gas, crude oil, petroleum products and coal) are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

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