King Charles' funeral plans updated amid cancer battle: report

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Insiders said King Charles' health conditions were gradually deteriorating, prompting Buckingham Palace officials to keep a regularly updated plan for his impending funeral, preparations for which began the day after Queen Elizabeth's burial.

The 75-year-old monarch has remained largely out of the limelight since announcing his cancer diagnosis in February to hide his deteriorating condition, with several… Sources tell The Daily Beast The situation is “not good.”

“Of course he is determined to get over it and they are doing everything they can. Everyone is optimistic, but in reality he is not well. More than they are letting on,” a source described as an old friend of the royal family told the outlet.

King Charles' cancer battle is more serious than Buckingham Palace has let on, insiders say. Getty Images

King Charles has never revealed what type of cancer he has been diagnosed with, but he has admitted that it is not prostate cancer, which is one of the most treatable forms of the disease.

The company has also remained tight-lipped about his medical journey, but insiders and political commentators have spoken out about how the royal has “responded really well” to the treatment.

But behind the scenes, King Charles's aides regularly review copies of a several hundred-page document outlining plans for his royal funeral, dubbed “Operation Menai Bridge.”

“The plans have been dusted off and are being actively updated. It's nothing more than you would expect given the king's cancer diagnosis. But their circulation has certainly focused minds,” a former employee with connections to serving courtiers told The Daily Beast.

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Operation Menai Bridge is based on Queen Elizabeth's funeral so that Charles's funeral will go more smoothly. AP

The highly detailed document was created the day after Queen Elizabeth's burial on September 8, 2022, and uses the longest-serving queen's funeral as a field guide to ensure Charles's run goes more smoothly.

Military officials confirmed to The Daily Beast that the Menai Bridge operation was updated regularly, but stressed that it was standard procedure and that “it would be ridiculous to read anything into” that fact.

All the royal members of the plan have updated funeral plans that are code-worded based on bridges, the most famous of which is Queen Elizabeth's “Operation London Bridge”.

The former Prince of Wales' death plan is named after the suspension bridge linking the Isle of Anglesey to mainland Wales.

King Charles announced that he had cancer in February, but did not reveal the type. Getty Images

“Of course they are looking at every aspect of the Menai Bridge. The Queen's funeral ran like clockwork and set the bar high. “It's not an emotional thing, it's a business, it's taken very seriously and it's understandable that no one plans To catch him.”

Another official added, “Planning for the worst is what the army does… You have to remember the scale of this thing.” The Captivity Section, under the command of Major General James Powder, takes the lead, i.e. seven regiments of the Guard. Then you have the entire London area, the Territorial Army regiments and the Royal Horse Artillery. And that's before you get to the Navy or Air Force. Charles has been closely associated with the Parachute Regiment for years, so they will be involved.

“This is just the ceremonial end,” they continued. “Then you need a giant security operation because every VVIP on the planet is there. We're talking about everything from missile defense to protection against lone wolf attack.

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“The whole thing goes from blip to blast in less than two weeks which means every aspect of it needs to be meticulously planned in advance. Serious planning for Charles' funeral began the day after the Queen was buried.

King Charles officials did not respond to a request for comment from Page Six or the Daily Beast.

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