Pixel 8 Pro leak shows Tensor G3 specifications

The retail leak earlier today that provided another unboxing/hands-on of the Pixel 8 Pro is now responsible for revealing the key specifications of the Tensor G3.

Shared with M. Brandon Lee, the hardware specs app (running on the Pixel 8 Pro) leaks that the Tensor G3 has a 1+4+4 layout, in a departure from the 2+2+4 of the past two generations. Built on a 4nm process, clocked at 2.91GHz today, the Cortex-X3 is designed as a large/flagship core.

In the middle are four Cortex-A715 cores (clocked at 2.37GHz), with Arm previously touting performance that matches that of the Cortex-X1. Finally, the four “small” Cortex-A510 cores (1.7GHz) are an upgrade from Google’s use of the Cortex-A55 since the original Tensor chip.

The ‘Mali-G715’ is listed as the GPU, with a previous rumor saying it’s an Immortalis variant (based on a 10-core count) that supports hardware-based ray tracing. there Another “Mali” version Which only sees variable rate shading (with 7-9 cores) for “significant” power savings and “gaming performance boost.”

Various screenshots have been shared about the camera, but keep in mind that apps don’t always read these specifications correctly. Elsewhere, a “Goodix” fingerprint sensor has been listed.

It remains to be seen how much detail Google will provide for the Tensor G3 at the launch event and in the following days. The company has historically moved away from providing detailed specifications in general marketing in favor of simply highlighting what the chip enables on the software/AI interface. It will be interesting to see if this situation changes when Google starts using TSMC with the Tensor G5.

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