Fantasy Football: 10 Biggest Reactions to NFL Week 4 | Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

Devon Ashani Not a single wonder: Acane racked up over 100 rushing yards and averaged over 10 yards per carry for the second straight game.

More rookies getting more playing time: Acane wasn’t the only rookie getting more playing time than other players on the roster in Week 4.

Some background fields become clearer, others more complex: There were multiple situations where the running back committee preferred to start at running back more. Others who had a clear start moved closer to the committee.

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These are my top 10 reactions to the games from Sunday’s slate. For more in-depth details, check out my account Full Sunday recap.

Devon Ashani Begins to dominate the Dolphins’ backfield: The standout rookie led the Dolphins’ backfield in offensive snaps and production.

  • Raheem Mostert Slight lead in shots played in the first quarter – 8-6. The two were tied in the second quarter, 10-10. Acane took a slight lead in the third quarter with a score of 12-9, and Achane dominated the fourth quarter with a score of 11-2.
  • Salmon Ahmed He was injured and did not play last week. He only played on four snaps midway through the fourth quarter on third or fourth down and 17-plus yards.
  • Mostert may still be the technical starter going forward as some teams would prefer to bring their veteran back for the first snap of the game, but Eshane is the one who should start up front, while Mostert will be very difficult to start now.
  • Jeff Wilson Jr He is eligible to return from injured reserve this week and could make an impact in the backfield. Based on how well Acane is playing, it shouldn’t be to his detriment. This was also Mostert’s only poor performance of the season, so Wilson may be limited to a few snaps per game.
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Good and bad news for James Cook: The Bills’ penetrating running back received all the goal-line work but none of the third-down or two-minute drills.

  • Cook led the team in carries with 12 but gained just 29 yards. He also caught a pass for 48 yards.
  • To the delight of his imaginary coach, he scored a goal on his second chance on the goal line.
  • The only problem is that he started sharing more time with other players.
  • Part of this was Damian Harris He played most of the fourth quarter snaps, but there was another part Latavius ​​Murray Often the work took passersby.
  • Murray played all third-and-long snaps in the first three quarters. While we sometimes see a shift on the defensive third line when a player is needed to protect passes, Murray either ran a route or ran the ball on each of those plays.
  • Cook should continue to see double-digit campaigns per game, but his goals per game are down, and may stay down in the future.

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