An Israeli-Argentine national who was believed to be a hostage was killed during a Hamas attack on October 7.

“His body was smuggled by terrorists towards Gaza,” declared the Hostage Families Forum, the main association of Israeli relatives.


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The Hostage Families Forum announced the death of Lear Rudoff, long believed to be a hostage but killed during the October 7 attack.  (Israeli Hostage Families Forum)

The Hostage Families Forum announced the death of Israeli-Argentinian Lear Rudoff on Tuesday, May 7. The man, until now, was considered a hostage of Hamas. But this association declares “Pain and Broken Heart Established” That’s sixty years old “Assassined on October 7 and his body smuggled to Gaza by Hamas terrorists”.

“The Israeli government has an important moral obligation to pursue all avenues in the ongoing negotiations to bring Lior back.” In Israel, because “He deserves a dignified burial in his homeland.”, the main Israeli association of hostages’ relatives announced in a press release. Govt “Expeditious return of all living hostages”The press release continues.

Member of the Kibbutz Security Council

Israeli and Argentinian Lior Rudoff was a member of the security team at Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, which was targeted by Hamas militants on October 7, when the Palestinian movement from the Gaza Strip launched an unprecedented attack on southern Israel. “For four decades he was a volunteer ambulance driver, stepping up first and lending a helping hand to anyone in need.”Adds a forum describing as “Argentina at heart” And “The Sensuous Cyclist”.

About 250 people were abducted by Hamas on October 7. According to Israel, 128 people are still in the Gaza Strip, including 36 presumed dead. Israel and Hamas each sent a delegation to Cairo on Tuesday, where secret talks are underway on a draft ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip.

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Hamas announced on Monday that it had accepted the cease-fire plan submitted by Egyptian and Qatari mediators, the contents of which were not disclosed. This includes the fighting and exchange of Palestinians held by Israel for hostages in the Gaza Strip since October 7. But Israel rejects the plan, an indefinite ceasefire demanded by Hamas “Far from Israel’s demands”.

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