Maltese Roberta Metzola must win

One week after the death of David Sosoli, the European Parliament on Tuesday elected a new president or new president. Maldas Roberta Metzola, a member of the EPP group (right, center-right, Christian Democrats), wants to be the third woman to preside over an assembly meeting in Strasbourg on her 43rd birthday, following orders from French women Simone Veil and Nicole Fontaine. .

In the aftermath of the May 2019 election, it was decided to give the S&Ds (Socialists and Social Democrats, the second group of the legislature) the presidency of parliament in the first half of the legislature, in a bargain surrounding key European positions. The second EPB.

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The S&D, which nominated David Sassoli, the MEP of the Italian Democratic Party (center-left), has in recent weeks questioned the deal, but has finally dropped a candidate. Third major player update.

Despite some opposition from the S&D and Renew (liberals, macronists), especially around the anti-abortion stance of Metzola, the fact that these two groups did not field a candidate seems to value the agreement they made.

Four candidates

Four candidates have officially nominated him: Roberto Metzola, Sweden’s Alice Ba Kuhanke for the Greens / EFA group, Cosma Slodowski (Conservatives) from Poland for the ECR group, and Cira Rego for Spain for the left group.

A candidate must have a majority of votes to win. The first phase of voting begins at 9.30am. If there is no absolute majority in favor of a candidate after three rounds of voting, the two most popular in terms of votes will compete in the final round.

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