A 50-year-old British man has died after trying to save several dogs from a volcanic eruption in Tonga

Angela Clover, a 50 – year – old British woman who was swept away by a tsunami in Tonga, has died after trying to rescue dogs from her shelter, her family told the BBC. He was the first recorded death in the country. Her husband, for his part, survived by clinging to a tree.

Two women were swept away by strong waves following a volcanic eruption in Peru on Saturday.

Two Mexicans living in Tonga asked for “help to leave the island” during a brief satellite call, a relative said Monday without further details about the local situation.

New Zealand and Australia sent military spy planes on Monday, according to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern.

The archipelago is without telephone and internet connections, and the disaster has cut off the essential cable for its communications, which should not be repaired for weeks. And volcanic ash cloud prevents planes from landing.

“We know there is an immediate need for water,” he told reporters.

Both countries have mobilized C-130 military transport aircraft, ready for parachute assistance there as soon as the gray cloud has dissipated or ready to land there if the runway level allows.

Like many other countries, France, “a neighbor of the Kingdom of Tonga,” is “ready to meet the most urgent needs of the people,” a statement said.

From this country of 100,000 people, thanks to the rare satellite phones that are covered in a layer of ash after a volcanic eruption that sent shock waves around the world.

The most powerful volcanic eruption in the world in recent decades, heard all over Alaska.

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