In red – message words

The say of news. He is Amar.

The indicators of Change Climate In The red, So he is Y has of what to worry And This is good The Stock of This is expression “Inside The red”. she serves has We are concern And That want say That The Colors There are A Identity of This is WHO East Underlines Frequently By These are indicators. We are continues again Frequently there index of Lights tricolor, That WHO reign there Transportation. We are has The green, orange, We are said Frequently orange, We are want say Orange. And After We are has The Red WHO There are designed In there Perspective of driver And No of Pedestrian. The red, This is The signal Stop to The Cars. That want say That The Pedestrians can Boss enough Quietly. However, And Above all, He Y has A Confident time, The indicators of speed, The counters, as We are said In The cars, Started again has A Confident Era This is Quality Colorful. In The green, All go good, with orange, attention, We are go A Little Soon already And The Red indicated Clearly That we I was going Very much quickly, signal of danger. But still Usage “Inside The red” East Further Frequently Again is attached has A situation Banking. If I am Say: “I am I am In The red” And Inside General This is with A Your a little depression, That's right want say That N Account East negative, That I am want of Money has there Bank And That as We are said, I am I am has was discovered. And By extension, A Company Or A Commercial There are In The Red when They are want of Loans Or That theirs Expenses Surplus theirs Cooking. In All case, This is A signal Caution and instead of Negative. But still We are has Again few Old Expressions Again Sometimes was used And Inside All case included, WHO placed Inside Before This is Color Red. The Red East placed sentence A Little Obsolete related to at the world of studios, of theater, of there television, of there Radio Further, Because When we East Inside train of return A display, He want Se Vai to enter In The field Or too of to do of noise to was born No to disturb. And A watching Red Luminescent to Be The Identity Exactly of This is Prohibition. And Still, there formula come on of Further So far. she come on of the world of species of horses, Because A disc red, previously, was Poster to announce That there Position of Winners was firm And That we No Further ok has nothing Competition. only, The Red East Partner has Others things. what Well, the anger, By For example. arrival of the blood On that day there Figure Do Shame on you The Faces of Some People WHO want A Color Clear. That can Be of shame, of shyness, of confusion, But still This is good Frequently there anger WHO reveals itself By there. Off there, The Expressions “Look red” Or too “to Irritate All red” WHO Mentioned A Anger Strong And suddenly So Explains itself Further By The Do That The red, This is there Color of fire In All case, the moon in the middle they, That burning, This is Dangerous. Red is So A serious In Some Formulas: to pull has ball red, This is to pull of Balls of Cannon Face flushed at fire WHO can to burn The facilities Enemies. And there formula is employed Again enough Frequently of the way Figurative to representation of attacks strong, No No attacked Physically someone, But still him Harm Inside Inside to say of wrong

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