In an interview, Macron says he is determined to “smolder” those who are not vaccinated “to the end”.

Emmanuel Macron said in an interview on Tuesday that Parisians should decide who is not vaccinated “by the end” by restricting access to the functions of social life.

“Those who are not vaccinated, I really want to harass them. So we will continue to do that to the end. That is the strategy,” the head of state said, while the text on the vaccine pass led to a heated debate. legislative Assembly.

To a reader’s question in Le Parisien, the unvaccinated “occupies 85% of the revivals”, which leads to delays in operations, Emmanuel Macron responded that this comment was the “best argument” for government strategy. The worst enemy of a democracy is lying and nonsense.

“Almost all people, more than 90%, have been vaccinated,” he said, adding that “only a very small minority are immune.”

“How do we reduce it? We’re reducing it, sorry, so to speak, by hurting him even more, I’m, I’m not harassing the Frenchman. I’ve been harassing them all day against the administration. Well, those who are not vaccinated, I really want to harass them,” he said. Continues.

“I’m not going to imprison them, I’m not going to vaccinate them forcibly. Can’t go to the movies … “, the leader explains. Condition.

He spoke when delegates resumed debate on the vaccine pass in an electric situation after a surprise vote that refused to continue the nightly debates from Monday to Tuesday. Words that provoked outrage, especially in the French political class.

“I want to be a candidate”

Macron also spoke about the presidential election, which is approaching soon. He said he wanted “me” to be the presidential candidate, adding that his decision was “coordinated” but not yet fully confirmed.

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“There is nothing wrong with the suspense. I like it. As soon as I clarify the health conditions that allow it and this matter, I will tell you what it is, in relation to the political equation,” he promised. “This decision is firm in my heart. I must be sure that I can go as far as I want,” the head of state said, which was questioned by daily readers.

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