Is Nokia the end of the corona virus? “Perhaps Omigron will be the last major variant”

Very cautious, but the Omigron variant blows the wind of hope, especially in France.

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LCan the Omigron wave mark the end of the Govt epidemic? Can collective immunity play a major role in the planet? Some believe so, but be very careful as future situations are unpredictable.

“Maybe it’s the last variant, maybe it’s the last wave, maybe this wave will allow us to get some sort of immunity.” In the presence of delegates earlier this week and after similar comments this weekend, French Health Minister Olivier Véran expressed a cautious optimism, predicting the possibility of an outbreak of the crisis.

A scene shared by many experts at this point. “With a new variant that is less contagious but less invasive, we see the beginning of evolution towards a more common virus, as others know,” Pr Alain Fischer, the “Mansier vaccine”, was introduced on BFMTV on Monday. Of the French government.

In other words, it is possible for a highly contagious but less dangerous virus to acquire a natural immunity, which, in conjunction with the vaccine immunity, may enter the less severe stage of the infection. “In the end, there is hope” and “Sirs-Cowie-2 will join other human seasonal corona viruses, which will give us colds and tonsillitis every winter”, and this weekend advanced epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet.

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“I still have faith”

“We’re not there yet. We can expect new variations to emerge, but over time our immune system will strengthen, with natural infections or booster doses of the vaccine reducing our ability to give harsh forms,” ​​he predicted. Nashman Ash, director of the Israeli Ministry of Health, spoke on Sunday, pointing out that there could be a high number of infections among the population.

Even with a highly benign virus, the effects can be severe at the joint level, leading to an increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital. Moreover, no one knows when this promising joint immunity will develop.

“I’m still hopeful that in the next couple of years – by repeating the vaccine and keeping the mask and social gap high, the virus will end like every other cold corona virus, every year,” said Julian Tang, a virologist and professor at the University of Leicester, recently with the British organization Scientology Media Sen. Shown.

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