“A president should not say that”, “terrible”: French political class reacts to Macron’s comments about not being vaccinated

Emmanuel Macron said in an interview on Tuesday that the Parisians should decide to “biz off” those who have not been vaccinated “until the end”. “For them, by restricting access to social activities as much as possible”.

Very quickly, the words of the French president sparked controversy on social media.

LFI presidential candidate and MP Jean-Luc Mélenchon was one of the first to respond. Who says, “Does the president control what he says? Make peace rather than persuade.” And he?

According to RN’s candidate Marine Le Pen, “a president should not say that.

“President, I stop harassing the French. The outgoing president is openly talking about pissing off a kind of Frenchman,” tweeted immediately another far-right candidate, Eric Jemmore.

In the LR, Bruno Retailleau remarked, “The health emergency does not justify such words. Emmanuel Macron says he has learned to love the French and wants to hate them. The vaccine can be promoted without insulting anyone or pushing for radicalization.”

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