How long does it take to win?

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Final Fantasy XVI In some respects a A radical departure from the past Square Enix RPG series And in other ways he pulls from his rich history to create a very old school-sense of adventure. So where do you fall into the pantheon Final Fantasy game lengths? The answer is somewhere in the middle.

According to a survey of more than ten current players Finished in how long to winPlayers directing the story can finish in just over 20 hours if they rush it, but it will likely take about 30 hours on average. Immersion in some of the game’s side quests and special monster hunts will take a little longer – somewhere around 40-45 hours. And the achievement game kicks things even further, with two players reporting a 100 percent playback time that takes about 65 hours.

This goes with what Final Fantasy XVI The reviewers were saying so. Kotakuthe reviewer He tried to do everything and hit the 70 hour mark. Three hit writers working for IGN 29, 40 and 60 hours, respectively, with the middle person doing about 25 optional side missions and a handful of game-specific hunts. Square Enix’s own developers Previously suggested A regular show would run 35-40 hours while a sequel would take between 70-80, which is a very conservative estimate in hindsight.

Where is this arrangement? Final Fantasy XVI Compared to other games in the series? Final Fantasy XV He was 28 hours refreshed For the main story but over fifty for a more relaxed play, while Final Fantasy XIII He was approximately 50 hours For the main story and over 100 full games. This is fairly consistent, with the apparent exception of eBayng it Final Fantasy XVIEndgame may not have that last item or boss that requires endless effort to get or beat.

In fact, very early Final Fantasy The games were too shortcoming in in about 20 hours to Focus on the main task Play through and 30 hours more full extent. It wasn’t even Final Fantasy VI The games are already exploding in length with longer stories and additional side content. naturally, Final Fantasy XVI It’s still only a week old, and as more players log their times to beat the game, we’ll likely see its total runtime increase slightly once the sample size gets larger.

Right now, it feels like a shorter game by traditional RPG standards but still a long one compared to action adventures like God of War: Ragnarok. And only 11 of those hours are movie scenes.

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