An Eye on Tomorrow: Building Your Own Stove, the Self-Build Trend

Build your house, create your own heating system. In the face of many crises, self-construction is a “low-tech” and ecological solution… and it’s growing.

After touring the world, the Dutchman Andre de Bouter For nearly twenty years he has put down his suitcases and his life in the south-west of France. Having learned to build his first mud houses in the depths of India in his youth, he became one of the recognized European experts in self-construction here. This practice involves building your own house or having your own heating system, such as a mass stove.

For three days, Andre receives ten apprentices who are actively learning how to build this stove to heat their homes. In his room, a large screen broadcasts a 3D projection of a mass oven. Participants want WilliamFrom Wallonia, or even Clarity, from the Châteauroux area, look at the diagram and then arrange the elements that make up the stove. At the end of these three days, they will be able to build their own heating system when they return home…

And they don’t care: “I’m used to doing a bit of DIY.”, explains Claire, who is building an eco-space in Perry. “I have already prepared a 3D plan of my house“. William adds: “It didn’t scare me. I am basically an engineer, which helps me in handling 3D project, even though it is true that I have no manual training“.

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