Self-service scooters are losing ground in Brussels: their numbers will soon drop drastically

They bother you, especially when they take up space on our sidewalks or when they amuse you, easily get around the city: the use of self-service scooters will evolve.

In Paris, people have run out of electric scooters, and here we clean up: 15,000 scooters will be removed and put in parking lots, starting next January. Users cannot “finish” their journey outside of a dedicated zone, defined on the roads and currently parked across Brussels. Some municipalities are already implementing this measure and others will follow in the coming months.

Good news for Mathieu Angelo, director of the Wallonia-Brussels Accessibility Collective. “It’s a good thing that we limit the number and number of operators. We believe it will be effective, and our long-term demand remains the same: these scooters can be used, but on the roads, pedestrians must be allowed to go. Freely on the sidewalks.

According to Brussels Mobility, in future calls for tenders, the maximum number of authorized scooters will be 8,000 (currently 21,000).

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