An American woman killed her two children, ages 5 and 15, to avenge her ex-husband.

A play took place in McLean, Virginia, USA, which dates back to 2018. When her ex decides to move to Missouri with her biological daughter in August, Veronica Youngblood makes a drastic decision. In revenge for Ron Youngblood’s departure, the American wants to take his children’s lives and commit suicide.

Brooklyn Youngblood and Sharon Castro were 5 and 15 years old when their mother gave them sleeping pills and then shot them, the Washington Post reported. The elderly Sharon was able to call the police after being shot in the chest and back. His sister was shot in the head and died instantly. Sharon succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

After her atrocities, she called to tell me that she had shot the children and that she hated me. I never ruled out that she might try to hurt me, but kids? I would not have dared to think that”, explained Ron Youngblood during Veronica Youngblood’s trial. “She knows these girls mean everything to me.

An American man who ultimately did not commit suicide after killing his two daughters was sentenced to 78 years in prison on Friday, September 22. Investigation revealed that the mother grew up in poverty and was abused as a child. Additionally, the mother turned to prostitution to support Sharon Youngblood.

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