Resident Evil Village for iPhone 15 Pro may be released on October 30 in the US

Capcom quietly revealed Release date October 30th to Resident Evil Village On the page for iOS and iPadOS versions of village And the Resident Evil 4 remake. Resident Evil 4 It remains listed as “Available for 2023”. Capcom doesn’t list any prices, but for reference, the macOS version of the game is priced at $29.99 on Apple’s App Store. yesterday, Gimatsu mentioned Capcom has announced the same release date for the port in Japan.

Capcom has not officially announced the release date for the US version of village Off the page linked above. We’ve reached out to the company to confirm that the release date is as listed on its site.

Resident Evil Village iOS and iPadOS appear to have a release date.
Screenshot: Wes Davis/The Verge

At a glance village The game ran on the iPhone 15 Pro last week, and it appears to perform legitimately on par with what you’d expect from high-end dedicated portable gaming rigs like the Steam Deck. The games will be compatible with iPads powered by M1 and M2 chips. However, it will only run on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, so you’ll need to upgrade to Apple’s titanium-edged phone if you want to see the tall, creepy vampire lady running natively on your iPhone.

Capcom’s latest entry in its ongoing series of survival horror games was a big part of Apple’s iPhone 15 event, along with Resident Evil 4 remake, Death Stranding, Assassin’s Creed MirageAnd Back section. Apple used games to show off the capabilities of the new six-core GPU for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

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