Women cannot travel without the support of a male relative

The recommendation, published by the Ministry of Moral Improvement and Prevention of Abuse and circulated on social media, called on drivers to ensure that women are loaded into their vehicles only if they wear the “Islamic veil”.

“Women traveling more than 45 miles (72 kilometers) cannot travel without close family members,” ministry spokesman Sadek Akif Muhajir told AFP. Mentioned that the accompanying person should be male.

The order comes weeks after the ministry called on Afghan television to stop airing soap operas and series played by women and to ensure that female journalists wear the “Islamic veil.” Afghan women wear, or more veil veil.

Since coming to power in August, they have imposed various restrictions on women and girls, despite initial promises that their rule will be tougher than during their first term (1996-2001).

The Taliban during their first regime forced women to wear the burqa. They can only leave their home when they come with a man and are not allowed to work and study.

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