US: Republicans propose extraordinary plan to avoid “shutdown”

“This bill would end the ridiculous holiday season tradition of introducing massive, jam-packed spending bills just before the Christmas holidays,” said Mr. Johnson wrote the details.

Under the extraordinary plan, some bills needed to keep federal services open will be passed through a short-term bill until Jan. 19, while the rest will be postponed until Feb. 2, U.S. media reported.

That would buy Congress time to pass various spending bills without defunding Israel, Ukraine and border security, according to media reports.

Some Republicans are already complaining that the plan doesn’t deliver the funding cuts they want. So it’s not certain that the party, which has only a small majority in the House of Representatives, can take over the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.

The White House called the plan “a recipe for more Republican chaos and more shutdowns.”

“Republicans in the House of Representatives are wasting valuable time with an illogical proposal that has been strongly criticized by members of both parties,” presidential spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

Who is Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives?

The Union Budget expires at midnight on Friday.

Without an agreement by this date, the world’s largest economy will suddenly slow down, 1.5 million civil servants will be without pay and air traffic will be disrupted.

The latest negotiations over the US federal budget at the end of September have already thrown the company into disarray. Infuriated by House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s last-minute deal with the Democratic camp, Trump’s elected officials fired him, a completely unprecedented situation.

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It took three weeks for elected officials to agree on a new “Speaker” named Mike Johnson. The US Congress failed to pass any legislation in three weeks.

The Louisiana-elected official, unknown to the general public and with very little experience in the Republican public service, must interact with a handful of Trumpists, hard-line budget conservatives and Democrats ahead of him. The former president’s lieutenants should dictate the country’s economic policy to them.

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