Towards a shortage of mustard? Small seeds affected by drought, late frost and pests, climate emergency

Surprisingly, mustard seeds were also affected by this heat dome. “In 2021-2022, production is estimated to have declined by 28% due to lower yields and sown areas.“, The report adds.

And as yields fall, prices rise. This is a doubling compared to 2020-2021 “And reached a record high of $ 1,700 per tonne“, The Ministry of Agriculture states.

Local culture in pain

In France, too, climate change is playing tricks on the famous yellow sauce. As explained Release, The local culture of mustard seeds is also in crisis. In 2016, if production on French soil had met 25% of the demand, it would now be reduced to 10%.

There is a climate effect, it is obvious

According to the French newspaper, we owe this decline in late frost and pest production. “There is a climate effect, it is obvious. Since the winter is mild, the environment is very favorable for insects that breed frequently throughout the year.”, Explains the President of the Burgundy (APGMB) Mustard Seed Growers Association on a daily basis. Release.

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So the French mustard factories are going through difficult times. According to France Information, Three-fourths of production lines will be closed. So be prepared to see a rise in mustard prices in the coming weeks.

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