Will this city become the new Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the cities overrun by tourists. Everyone rushes to find the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas is overflowing with people, Parque Gel is always full, and the authentic La Boqueria market has become a tourist attraction in every way. In 2019, the city welcomed more than 19.4 million tourists, making it one of the most touristic cities in Europe. Over time, the influx of young people heading there to enjoy Barcelona’s festive atmosphere has worsened the so-called “turismo de boracera” or alcohol tourism, while the city favors cultural and scientific tourism. So, yes you should visit Barcelona at least once in your life, if you have never set foot there, but to get away from this mass tourism, another lesser known city offers almost similar properties.

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Andalusia, the place to choose

Head south-west of Andalucia to the majestic Costa de la Luz. Cádiz, 120 km from Seville, is the heartbeat of this part of Spain. Although it’s much less crowded than Barcelona, ​​which borders the Mediterranean, the city of Cádiz is a great base for the uninitiated. For Emmanuel Bequeux, a bookseller in Liège who offers travel guides, Cádiz could become the new Barcelona of the future: “When it comes to city trips, travelers prefer medium-sized cities, more intimate, cheaper, less crowded and so on. A representative of the soul and culture of the country. “

Situated on a fortified peninsula, Cadiz hides many treasures. It is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe that has managed to preserve all its authenticity. Here, we marvel at the remains of towers and palaces and the city walls, and immerse ourselves in the history of the city by visiting the Cádiz Cathedral and its golden dome or visiting Cádiz. This museum takes us to discover the city in history.

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Advantages of Cádiz

As Cádiz is a city surrounded by the sea, we climb the Torre Sapa to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire sea and the city, and we wander the streets of the city. Here, you also, above all, benefit from a certain peace, because the city is pedestrianized and the historic district is accessible only to taxis, which allows you to wander the streets in absolute peace. Finally, we relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the city, offering a view of the castles and nothing to envy to Sant Sebastián in Barcelona. For a change of poqueria, head to the Mercado de Abastos, a covered market where you can nibble on tapas while sipping your aperitif. As you can see, this authentic Andalusian city has everything to attract travelers looking for an alternative to Barcelona.

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