Putin says Ukrainian ‘nationalists’ in Mariupol should lay down their arms

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces guarding the strategic port of Mariupol, which had been besieged for weeks by troops from Moscow, should surrender to help civilians there.

“In order to resolve the difficult humanitarian situation in this city, Ukrainian nationalist militants must stop resisting and lay down their arms,” ​​Putin said, summarizing a telephone conversation with his French envoy, Emmanuel Macron, according to the Kremlin.

According to the source, “the Russian military is taking steps to provide emergency humanitarian assistance and ensure the safe evacuation of civilians in Ukraine.” Putin told his French counterpart.

The Kremlin says the two leaders discussed issues related to the Russian-Ukrainian talks in Istanbul on Tuesday and Moscow’s decision to pay in rubles for its gas exports.

“Agreed to continue contacts” between MM. Putin and Macron, the Kremlin added.

Warning of Westerners

According to Downing Street, British, American, French, German and Italian leaders warned in a telephone conversation on Tuesday against the “easing of the Western resolution” in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

One householder, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholes and Mario Draghi, said that “there can be no relaxation in the Western resolution until the terror in Ukraine is over.” .

The Prime Minister underlined that “Putin’s regime must be determined by its actions, not by its words,” while reaffirming the same evidence, while Moscow announced a reduction in its military operations in northwestern Ukraine, particularly from Kyiv.

“Putin is rubbing the knife in Ukraine’s open wound with the intention of forcing the country and its allies to surrender,” he added. “The Prime Minister has been pressuring other leaders to persevere in our response.”

kyiv wants to negotiate

Ukraine wants Moscow to negotiate the possibility of joining the European Union (EU) in exchange for concessions, according to written plans, Russian chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said at the end of a new round of talks in Istanbul on Tuesday.

The Ukrainian proposal states: “The Russian Federation has no objection to the aspirations of Ukraine to become a member of the European Union.”

In response, kyiv has raised the possibility of NATO member abandoning confidence, which is in line with Russian demands, Medinsky explained. The Ukrainian proposals did not include Crimea (recognition) as part of Russia after Russia’s annexation in 2014, nor did they recognize the separate parts of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states.

Vladimir Medinsky also noted that the military expansion announced in kyiv and Chernihiv had nothing to do with the ceasefire.

“This is not a ceasefire, but our attempt to move gradually towards mitigating the conflict,” he told Russian public broadcaster RT after the Istanbul talks. Said the place.

“Russia has taken two important steps towards peace,” he added. Ukraine has also taken a step towards peace with written plans.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government. Medinsky said.

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