When Russian Soldiers Are Attacked… Russian Soldiers (VIDEO)

A surprising video has been going viral on social media for the past few days. In this scene, filmed near the city of Kherson in eastern Ukraine, we see a group of Russian soldiers being shot by other Russians.

In fact, a group of soldiers were the first to start throwing grenades at a boat sailing on the Dnieper. When nothing happens, the Russian soldier tells his comrade to shoot the motorcycle they have in sight. That’s when they take turns being shot. Very quickly, they try to make the other soldiers understand that this is “friendly fire”, but nothing helps, their comrades continue to shoot.

Lack of preparation?

“Stop, we’re Russians too,” the boatmen shout. In a panic, they try to hide and constantly shout “friendly fire” (hint: the fact that they are hit by shots from their side or their allies), but in vain, and eventually a player is hit. injury He can even be heard moaning in pain in the video.

On social networks, the pictures have caused a strong reaction from Internet users who are surprised at the level of production of the Russian players. “Great army of clowns,” one Twitter user commented below.

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