America wants the fight against fentanyl to be as global as the fight against Covid

I amLike the fight against Covid-19, his fight against fentanyl must be global, the US ambassador to Mexico stressed on Saturday about the synthetic drug, which has killed thousands of Americans with chemical components from China via Mexico.

“The world needs to come together, and it’s not just about Mexico and the United States. Governments in Europe are looking at what’s going on with fentanyl,” Ken Salazar told reporters.

President Biden’s right-hand man called Thursday’s bilateral meeting in Washington “historic” to combat drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States and arms trafficking in the opposite direction.

At the end of the meeting, US officials announced sanctions on Friday against networks that implicate China in the transportation of fentanyl.

Two Chinese companies accused of supplying chemical compounds to the cartel were targeted by Treasury Ministry sanctions.

The Justice Department has indicted 28 people, including the four children of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who is serving a life sentence in a Colorado prison.

On April 6, Beijing denied the existence of “illegal trafficking of fentanyl between China and Mexico”.

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