“What Nazi fetish is this?”: A Parisian restaurant stirs controversy by serving wines from the Third Reich on its menu.

A restaurant in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, “Le Vantre”, has been the target of criticism on social media for several days. Is the quality of service up to par? Is the food not good? None of these: A customer complained on Twitter after noticing certain bottles of wine on the restaurant’s menu.

“Vandre, what Nazi madness is this?” he asks. In fact, to support the photo, the man displays the restaurant’s wine list, which serves “Third Reich” wines. “Wines with a very clear swastika on the label sell for huge vintage prices,” he deplores.

So narcissism or true complacency? The foundation’s executive chairman, Marco Pelletier, spoke on BFMTV. “Yes, when three German bottles were offered from 1940, I never tasted them, I bought them,” he explains. He also says he is “deeply affected” by the controversy and insists he is not glorifying Nazism by selling the bottles.

Marco Pelletier also spoke out on Instagram… defending himself. “Wine transcends time and ideologies. Yes, these bottles correspond to the darkest parts of our history, indisputably. That is why these wines are not presented to the public. They are only in the ‘appearance of the restaurant menu’. , a record that compiles all the wines stored in our cellars, which are great connoisseurs. and is consulted only by wine enthusiasts.

Despite this news, the manager decided to remove the wines in question from his list. Nevertheless, he wanted to thank his customers for the messages of support they received.

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