Travis Kelce sees stats improve when Taylor Swift attends Chiefs games

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Travis Kelce knows that his performance on the field has been up an uptick whenever Taylor Swift has been around.

Kelsey and his brother Jason Swift discussed it again Weekly podcast “New Heights“.

Swift was in attendance again at the Chiefs’ game on Sunday — her fourth game in attendance — a 31-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jason Kelce once again had no problem bringing up Swift during the episode.

“Taylor was there, and it turns out it was good that she was there because they put up your stats — when you’re in the game, when you’re not in the game. I don’t know if you were aware of that or not,” Jason said.

Travis replied, “How could I not know about this?”

Jason then recited the statistics that CBS’s graphics department showed during the game.

“When you’re T-Swift in the game, you’re averaging 99 yards,” Jason said. “And when you’re left with just your friends and family left there, you’re 46.5 yards a game.”

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The graphics made the reference when they showed the phrase “Left to his own devices,” which is a reference to Swift’s song “Anti-Hero.”

“Left to his own devices.” “Okay,” Travis said.

The Chiefs will next play the Broncos in Denver next Sunday.

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