Rafah Crossing Point Accessed By Israeli Officials

Hi, Hamas has announced that it has accepted Qatar’s cease-fire plan, what about Israel?

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Who first proposed this truce?


Hello, Lisa and Coco the Maggot,

Here is an opportunity to highlight the negotiations between Israel and Hamas. After the first ceasefire in November, which lasted a week and allowed the release of 105 Israeli hostages in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners, Egyptian and Qatari mediation has been trying to secure a new one, so far without success.

But on Monday evening, contrary to all expectations, Hamas said it had accepted a ceasefire proposal put forward by mediators. The details of the proposal are not yet known, but Hamas has since indicated its intention for a permanent ceasefire. Overnight, the Qatari Foreign Ministry announced that it would send a delegation to Cairo on Tuesday. In return, they hope to reach an agreement for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip [la libération de] Prisoners and Hostages ».

Earlier on Monday, an Israeli official said the Jewish state was examining a plan accepted by Hamas. “This is not the structure we agreed to.”However, he clarified. At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office announced it would send a delegation to the mediators. However, the bombing of Rafah did not stop“to apply military pressure” On Islamic Movement.

It is still too early to tell how the negotiations will develop. Israel, which announced Monday evening that it was sending the delegation, appeared to want them to continue, but Hamas, as did Qatari and Egyptian mediators, warned that an invasion of Rafah would derail diplomatic efforts.

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