War in Ukraine: Thread of Events for Tuesday, October 10, 2023

While the eyes of the world are now focused on what is happening between Israel and Hamas, the war in Ukraine is trying not to sink into oblivion. America understands this well. According to our colleagues at the Washington Post, the White House has reportedly decided to link emergency aid to the Jewish state to Kyiv. The reason? hasChances are increasing that the US Congress will approve support for Ukraine despite opposition from Republicans in the House of Representatives. Two birds with one stone for Biden?

Is the world becoming more polarised? Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Noble announced that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abou Mazen) is preparing to visit Moscow.

We are in daily contact with Moscow. Preparations are underway for President Abbas’s visit“, the diplomat, quoted by Russian media, announced. A statement that surprised the Kremlin responded that, ahead of this weekend’s events, no date had been set and the visit had been planned for a long time.

Because if Russia tries to take advantage of the situation in the Middle East, especially by being accused of selling weapons to Hamas against Ukraine, it will also be at great risk. Israel has, in fact, remained relatively neutral in the Ukrainian conflict, particularly because of the privileged links between the two countries’ Jewish communities. If it turns out that Moscow supported Hamas in its murderous march through Iran, things could take a completely different turn.

Meanwhile, on the ground, clashes continue. Russian troops have a lot to do to counter the relentless attacks by Ukrainian forces. For its part, Russia continues its nightly bombings using attack drones in southern Ukraine. Last night alone, 27 Iranian-made “Shahad-131/136” were destroyed in Odesa, Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, the Ukrainian Air Force reported in a Tuesday morning telegram. “New” warships have also arrived in Sevastopol, acting as a sort of deterrent to Ukrainian incursions in recent weeks.

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For its part, the International Energy Agency (IEA) on Tuesday warned of possible tensions in the gas market in Europe, especially in the event of a cold winter and new restrictions on the transport of Russian gas through pipelines. , according to a statement. In the Gas Market Outlook to 2026 released on Tuesday.

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