“I’m Moving On” by Herbalife

  • It’s that time again! “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer rings the telegraph ring bell, which means he delivers his answers to callers’ stock-related questions very quickly.

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Spirit AeroSystems stock performance year-to-date.

Spirit AeroSystems: “I gotta tell you, you’re absolutely right that the price is low, but I’d rather you buy Honeywell.”

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CVS stock performance year-to-date.

CVS: “Let’s stay away from CVS.”

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Abbott stock performance year-to-date.

Abbott: “…Abbott is a very good company and will rise to the challenge, for example. I think that’s fair. You’re getting an outstanding company with a very low multiple that does a lot right.”

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Viking stock performance year-to-date.

Viking: “It’s a very good spec, but you have to understand that it can go away or go up a lot.”

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Herbalife stock performance year-to-date.

Herbalife: “That ship has sailed, honestly, I’m moving on from that ship.”

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Albemarle stock performance since the beginning of the year.

Albemarle: “I’m a seller because Elon Musk said he doesn’t like this business. I’m not going to go against Elon no matter what… I’ve already been in a death match with that guy, I’m not coming back.”

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