Moscow sinks: Russia says one dead, 27 missing

The Russian Defense Ministry said one sailor was killed and 27 others were missing in the sinking of the Moskva ship last week, the death toll from which was acknowledged for the first time.

The ministry said 396 other people on board had been evacuated, citing Russian news agencies that “one soldier was killed and 27 crew were missing.”

“The Ministry of Defense is providing all necessary support and assistance to the families and friends of the dead and missing,” he added.

The Russian Navy’s flagship Moskva sank on April 14 in the Black Sea, officially counting 680 personnel.

The sinking of Moskva is widely seen as an insult to Russia and its navy, and even pro-Kremlin commentators have called for an explanation from the authorities.

Russia says the ship sank due to an explosion of ammunition on board and disruption to drilling operations due to bad weather. But Ukraine says it has sunk the building with missiles.

Russian officials said there had been no casualties in the sinking and that the entire crew had been evacuated at first.

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing the meeting between the naval chief and those fleeing Moscow.

However, in parallel, a number of testimonies published in Russian-language media and social media in recent days have reported missing sailors, many of whom are serving in the military.

A man living in the Crimea, Dmitry Skrebets, posing as the father of the missing person, posted a message on the social networking site Vkontakte on Sunday evening, where he asks why his son was in a war zone.

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A woman named Yulia Chiova also told several media outlets that she had not seen her son.

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