War in Ukraine: “There’s definitely something wrong with the Russians”

Days follow each other, but not the same on the Ukrainian front. After long months of stagnation, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is finally bearing fruit. As we reported to you this Friday, Zelensky’s men are a A breach in the first line of Russian security In the Zaporizhia region. Oleksandr Tarnovsky, the Ukrainian general in charge of the counteroffensive in the south, congratulated his men on the breakthrough, which he deemed “decisive,” in an interview with a British daily. Guardian. According to him, the first line was more complicated to cross, not only considering the number of mines laid by the Russians, but also the network of trenches they dug. This is why he estimated that his men could quickly conquer certain territories. “The terrain is cut less. So troops waste less time in clearing and can move more freely,” he noted.

“Something is wrong with the Russians”

However, Oleksandr Shtubun, a spokesman for the brigade stationed in the south, made it clear that a major uprising in the field should not be expected in the coming days. “We shouldn’t think it will be easy now to take the next security path,” he added, in comments published by HLN andISW (Institute for the Study of War).

This does not prevent the soldier from pointing out the fact that Russia is forced to draw on its reserves to strengthen its defense lines. According to ISW, “elite soldiers” were also dispatched. “If they’re already using so-called elite fighters in defensive battles, there’s definitely something wrong with the Russians,” Shtubun said.

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“Vladimir Putin Is Waging War Against Russians”

significant losses

Ukraine made no secret of its heavy losses during its counterattack. Responding to some criticism of the slowness of operations, General Turnavsky pointed to complex developments amid the minefields. “This has made it very difficult to evacuate the injured,” he lamented.

Other players have reported experiencing it before Landmines are a big problem. “I couldn’t imagine such a thing,” testified one Ukrainian fighter The New York Times. “I thought the tunnels would be lined up, but the whole fields are packed everywhere.”

Ukraine has a month and a half to launch its counterattack: “We clearly see a crucial moment”

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