“There is a problem with the Manichean view these students have of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” – The Liberation

Hamas-Israel war

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War between Hamas and Israelcase

Denis Charbit, a political science professor in Israel, has taught at Sci-Po and in the US since September. Between the “rising anger” and the necessary nuances, he analyzes the demands on universities.

At Sciences-Po Paris, a pro-Palestinian rally was disrupted and the Palestinian group's spokesperson began a hunger strike with other students. They demand that partnerships signed with Israeli companies be called into question. In America, protests against the ongoing war in Gaza are spreading to campuses across the country. Denis Charbit, professor of political science at the Franco-Israeli and Free University of Israel, taught last fall in the US in Vermont on the East Coast. He was there on October 7th. Then at the beginning of 2024, he taught at Science-Po Menton. The topic of his course is “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.

You were a professor in the US in the fall of 2023 when the Hamas attack took place. How did it go?

I taught at a university in Vermont where Bernie Sanders is governor. So I was at the forefront of progressive forces in the Democratic Party. The attitude of the students was excellent

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