War in Ukraine: Paramilitary chief Wagner announces death of an American on the frontline.

In a video posted by Russian military bloggers, Yevgeny Prigozhin showed the body of a soldier he said was American in the rubble of a building.

In this short video, we see him walking around with his men at night, and we can’t quite decide where or when the scene is taking place, as we hear explosions all around. Standing next to the body of this soldier, who lay bare-chested and with a gash in his stomach, he said in a solemn and ironic tone: “He came to meet us. An American citizen”.

War in Ukraine: How Wagner’s leader might have tried to negotiate with Kiev

Mr. Without giving away his suit, Prigozhin shows the camera in the dark what appear to be the personal documents of the soldier in question. “We will send him back to America. We will place him in a coffin with an American flag. With respect, he died in a grandfather’s bed, but died in battle,” confirms a businessman from a paramilitary group. In the front line on the Russian side in the bloody battle for Bagmouth.

Mr. Prigogine’s claims were not immediately independently verified by the AFP.

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