War in Ukraine: Russia launches 38 drone strikes overnight

The Odesa area (south) was one of the positions attacked by Russian forces during the night, specifically targeting the port of Ismail.

The attack lasted two hours, regional governor Oleg Kiper wrote in a telegram, adding that “most drones” had been shot down.

“Unfortunately, the port infrastructure in Ismail district has been affected,” he explained, and lamented the two injured truck drivers, one of whom was hospitalized.

A check post and warehouses and about thirty trucks were damaged, he said.

The Ismaili River port, located on the Danube bordering NATO member Romania, has become one of the main routes for Ukrainian agricultural exports to the Black Sea since last July’s abandonment of a deal allowing Ukraine to do so. to carry its produce freely. Since then, Russian attacks have increased in the southern regions of Odessa and Mykolaiv.

The new attack comes after a Russian offensive described as “massive” by Odessa authorities on Monday. The area was hit by 19 Shaheed drones and missiles, including two supersonic Onyx.

In the south, in the Kherson region, four people were injured after Russian attacks on Monday evening, Governor Oleksandr Prokhudin said.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, the city of Kryvyi Rig was hit by a ballistic missile, according to preliminary information sent by the head of the local military administration, Oleksandr Vilkul, early Tuesday morning. “No casualties,” he announced in a telegram, adding that the Nikopol district was also affected, again with no casualties.

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