About 200 people gathered in front of the Pantheon to show their support for the people of Gaza

“No repression and closing of universities.” At the invitation of Unef, the Student Union, Young Insoumis, Young Environmentalists, Generations and NPA Young Revolutionaries, a student rally in support of Gaza is organized at 2pm, at the Place du Panthéon in Paris. Follow our live stream.

A police intervention is underway at Science Poe Paris. Speaking to reporters, a student said: “About fifty students were still in the rue Saint-Guillaume campus”, At noon on Friday, police entered the school after a tense rally at Science Po Paris. A total of 91 people “Discharged without incident”Refers to Paris police headquarters.

Matignon secures discharges. “The surety shall be the whole”While many companies are experiencing similar situations, Matignon said. “Some can be resolved through negotiation“, but still “For others, demands were made by university leaders and the police immediately intervened, this is confirmed: 23 disturbed sites were evacuated yesterday”., according to this source. At Science Po Paris, Prime Minister Gabriel Atal “Intervention Requested Once Interim Administrator Requested”.

Second day of suspension at Lille Journalism School. This is the second day in a row that access to ESJ has been blocked by students. On Thursday, at the height of the mobilization, 80 of them were in front of the school gate. Throughout the day, the press closed the school and IEP doors. ESJ courses were canceled and exams scheduled for IEP were postponed. Students blocked the site in the evening before resuming.

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