LIVE – War in Ukraine: Ukrainian army says breached Russian defense line near Pakmut

Human rights situationhas deteriorated considerably“In Russia Monday underscored the first report of experts mandated by the UN Human Rights Council since the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

Over the past two decades, the situation was already in steady decline due to the two wars in Chechnya that ended in 2009.“, notes Mariana Khatsarova, responsible for monitoring the human rights situation in Russia.

The report, which is to be presented during the Human Rights Council session currently underway in Geneva, does not seem to contain any surprising or shocking revelations. For Moscow, in the diplomatic battle between Russia and Kiev’s allies in all UN forums since the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials say their military forces have retaken Klichivka, a strategically important town south of the eastern city of Baghmut, but the US military and NATO believe the battle will be prolonged. The town, with a few hundred inhabitants, was captured by Russian forces in January before the Russian invasion.

The announcement comes after Ukrainian armed forces announced on Friday that they had recaptured another enclave, Andrivka, south of Bakhmut. The Russian military said on Sunday that was not the case.

From Sunday to Monday, Russia said it shot down several Ukrainian drones in annexed Crimea, the Moscow region, and near Belgorod and Voronezh in Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials said on Sunday that their military forces had recaptured Klychivka, a strategically important town south of Bakhmud on the eastern front, but the US military and NATO believe the battle will be prolonged.

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Moscow and Kiev face the International Court of Justice (ICJ) from Monday in a proceeding initiated by Ukraine that accuses Russia of misusing genocide allegations to justify its invasion in 2022.

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