War in Ukraine: “Russia is always one step ahead”

From being our peers Head Ladsday News, the American think tank “Center for Strategic and International Studies” (CSIS) has released a report on the forces on the Russian side. CSIS inflicted significant casualties within the Russian military. 10,000 military equipment (tanks, drones, etc.) would have been destroyed this way. But to counter this, Russia still has Cold War-era weapons at its disposal. While this gives the Russian military a rest, there is one more catch: the material is of poor quality and deteriorates quickly.

The report also points out that following Western sanctions, Moscow is having a hard time designing its own modern armored vehicles. For example, there are no resources to build new tanks, and the Russians have been forced to refurbish old tanks for decades. “Moscow is under pressure and is switching to less reliable and expensive suppliers and delivery channels and lower quality products. The Russians are trying to manufacture Western parts on their territory. This is hindering the speed and quality of Russian defense production.”, details of the think tank. Even the latter presents an accurate figure: at the UralVagonZavod Russian factory, 20 tanks are produced per month, but this is small in comparison with the number of machines destroyed every month in Ukraine – approximately 150.

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Despite the losses, Russia could wage a war

But despite all these losses and difficulties, it is the anti-Russian force that CSIS wants to highlight more. “Prohibitions are not a panacea” And “Russia is always one step ahead of Ukraine because of its reserves”, the report says. The think tank, which says the size of the Russian stockpile cannot be ascertained, indicates that Moscow will still have 13 to 15 times more fighter jets than Kyiv. “The Russians have 7-8 times more tanks and 4 times more armored fighting vehicles, while the Russian Navy is 12-16 times larger than Ukraine’s.”

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In short, CSIS emphasizes the importance of Western aid because Russia is capable “Fight on a real battlefield until you run out of equipment in Ukraine”.

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