War in Ukraine: Anonymous claims to be spreading counter-propaganda by hacking Russian printers

The hacker group has already printed hundreds of thousands of documents exposing Vladimir Putin’s lies to the Russians.

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IHe claims that an anonymous hacker hacked the joint Russian printers. They are now printing fake government news about the invasion of Ukraine. The hack announcement was shared via a Twitter account linked to anonymity and confirmed by news sites that chatted with “hacktivists”.

“For two hours, we have been printing counter-propaganda and instructions for installing Dora on printers across Russia (which allows you to browse the web anonymously, the editor’s note) and we have already printed over 100,000 copies. Fifteen people are currently working on it,” the Twitter account said.

A journalist from an American news site International Business Times There was an interview with a “hacktivist”. He was able to obtain evidence for this action. According to the source, PDF documents anonymously printed on insecure Russian printers with the following news: President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin and the Russian media lied to the Russians.

In the PDF document, Anonymous also provides instructions on how to install Dora, access “real media” and avoid Russian censorship. Tor, or The Onion Router, is open source and free software that allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and access the dark web.

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In the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin has tightened its grip on the media. A new law provides for up to 15 years in prison for spreading information about Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine. So we are not allowed to talk about “war”. Many Western media outlets have ceased operations in Russia since the law was adopted.

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