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The Voice semi-finals aired Monday, May 15 on NBC, with three artists sent home just one week before the live final: Holly Brand from the team Kelly ClarksonAnd Ray Orell from the team Chance the Rapper And Riley Tate Wilson from the team Niall Horan. Who do you think has been unfairly excluded from this group? Vote in The Voice semi-final poll below and then defend your choice in the comments section.

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Holly, Ray and Riley’s unfortunate ouster came Monday night as five fellow artists heard the opposite news. Grace West And Nuevas from the team Blake SheltonAnd Dr kelly team, Sorel Team chance f Jenna Miles From Team Niall they all made it to the Top 5 and will now be competing to win the Voice of America and the title of “The Voice”.

Holly Brand, 22, of Meridian, Mississippi, sang “Mississippi Girl” during her blind auditions and got three roles from Kelly, Chance, and Niall, joining Kelly’s cast. Holly later wins her “Lady Like” fight against Katie Beth Vorakis. In the knockouts, she performed “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and beat Rachel Christen. Holly’s subsequent solo performances were “Bring On the Rain” (Qualifiers) and “Rumour Has It” (Semi-Finals).

Ray Orell, 24, of Gary, Indiana, sang “Glimpse of Us” during the blind auditions and was a one-chair act for Team Chance. Ray later won his “Jealous Guy” fight against Nuevas. At Knockouts, he performed “Ass” and defeated NariYella. Ray’s subsequent solo performances were “Essence” (Qualifiers) and “Can You Stand the Rain” (Semifinals).

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Riley Tate Wilson (15) of Montgomery, Alabama sang “Dancing On My Own” during the blind auditions and was a four-seater, joining Niall’s cast. He was awarded a Playoff Pass in fights for his performance on “Heartbreak Anniversary” with Michael B., thus skipping a knockout. Reilly’s subsequent solo performances were “When the Party’s Over” (Qualifiers) and “Vienna” (Semi-Final).

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