War in Ukraine: Kiev fights to avoid fall, Zhelensky not lay down arms (live)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called on Ukrainians not to lay down their arms and to defend the capital, Kiev, two days after the start of the Russian invasion with troops from Moscow.

ITwo days after the start of the invasion of the country on the orders of Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian army and Russian forces clashed in Kiev on Saturday morning to control the Ukrainian capital.

The fighting took place on Victory Avenue, one of the main arteries of the Ukrainian capital, just hours after a dramatic call for mobilization by President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

“In Kiev, fierce fighting continues. The Ukrainian army is chasing Russian saboteurs,” the Ukrainian Special Communications Service said at 3:30 pm GMT on Facebook. Claimed to have destroyed.

At 00:30 GMT, Ukraine’s special communications service said Russian forces were trying to attack a power plant in the Trojshina district northeast of Kiev.

Residents have been told to stay in their dormitories or stay out of the windows if they are at home. The anti-aircraft siren was sounded at dawn in Kharkiv, a large city in eastern Ukraine, according to the Special Communications Service.

The Ukrainian army has declared “fierce” fighting 30 km southwest of the capital, where the Russians are “trying to land paratroopers”.

The people of Kiev are getting ready for the worst after the news of its president. “Tonight, they will try to capture,” Mr. Zelensky said in a video address aired a few hours ago on the president’s website on Friday evening.

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Zelensky does not lay down his arms and calls on Kiev to defend

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called on Ukrainians not to lay down their arms and to defend the capital, Kiev, two days after the start of the Russian invasion with troops from Moscow.

“I’m here. We’m not going to lay down our arms, we’m going to defend our country,” Mr. Zhelensky said in a video address posted on Facebook this morning.

Russian veto at the UN

Two days after the Russian invasion, President Putin announced at midnight that the UN had estimated that about 100,000 people had already been displaced and that 50,000 had fled Ukraine. Says, while at the same time powerless to condemn Moscow.

As expected, Russia vetoed a resolution in the Security Council on Friday condemning its “occupation”, which is still supported by a majority of countries. “The world is with us, the truth is with us, victory is ours!” “, The President of Ukraine tweeted after the referendum.

There were pro-Ukrainian protests around the world. In Montreal, under the windows of the Russian embassy general, dozens of people gathered under a blizzard on Friday afternoon.

Nevertheless, the Kremlin master seems determined to continue his offensive until regime change in Ukraine and the expulsion of those in Kiev who qualify as “drug addicts” and “neo-Nazis”.

He also called on the Ukrainian military to turn its weapons against the government. So it seems to me that it will be easier for you and me to negotiate. ”

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Based on operations in Kiev in the Oblon district, the AFP on Friday found a civilian killed on the sidewalk and paramedics rescued another, the prisoner of the body of a car crushed by an armored vehicle.

“They distributed guns, loaded them for us, and here we are,” says Yuri Gorsemny, who never took up arms in his life before joining the civilian battalion that is gradually preparing to defend Kiev against the enemy.

After many people left on Thursday, the center of Kiev, a metropolis with a population of about three million and now under curfew, looked like a ghost town.

The invasion has pushed thousands of Ukrainians on the roads, who have gathered on EU borders – especially in Poland, Hungary and Romania.

NATO and its leaders met via video conference on Friday and have repeatedly stated in recent days that they will not send troops to this country. Joe Biden, on the other hand, warned that he would not give up “an inch of NATO” and that the Pentagon would send another 7,000 to Germany.

Sanctions against Putin

For now, the Western camp is focusing on tightening sanctions on Russia after it restricts access to financial markets and technology.

The West, led by Washington, on Friday took a new step by imposing sanctions on Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, a rare and symbolic fact.

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The Russian offensive began at dawn on Thursday, and has been funded by Moscow since 2014, after Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two Ukrainian separatist territories in the Donbass on Monday evening.

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