War in Ukraine: Elite Russian unit loses 300 soldiers in ‘senseless attack’

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UAn elite Russian unit reportedly lost 300 men in four days in the Donetsk region. That’s according to a letter sent Monday by members of the Pacific Fleet’s 155th Squadron. Via Telegram, the letter was sent to the governor of Primorsky (Far Eastern Russia, editor’s note), the birthplace of these soldiers, Oleg Kozhemjako. Following this, the soldiers have demanded that the governor should intervene so that more soldiers are not killed.

Earlier, the Russian military spoke of “huge losses on the Ukrainian side” in an attack near the village of Pavlivka (northwestern Ukraine, editor’s note). But we don’t know that the number is higher on the Russian side. In a letter to the governor, the army says it has now lost a total of about 300 men, “killed, wounded or missing”.

The soldiers publicly criticized their superiors in the letter, explaining that the commanders had once again pushed themselves into an “ignorant attack”. Also, the unit reportedly lost half of its equipment during the attack.

The soldiers demanded that an independent commission — “not the Ministry of Defense” — hold their unit commanders to account. The generals did not care to cover up the actual losses.

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